August 21, 2018


Hire Services

Koro Field Top Maker

Woodward-Turf-Care-Koro-Topmaker.jpgUsed for removing poa annua, thatch build up,  weeds or the entire turf up to 5cm deep. While stripping the turf it also removes any surface irregularities resulting in a smoother more even playing surface. The Koro can also be used for fraise mowing without disturbing the playing surface.

Koro Scarifyer

Woodward-Turf-Care-Koro-Scarifyer.jpgOur 2m Koro scarifyer is used to remove unwanted surface material such as thatch, dead grass, moss and surface rooted grasses. It is ideal for cricket squares and also larger areas such as golf course fairways and sports pitches.

Blec Sandmaster

Woodward-Turf-Care-Blec-Sandmaster-2m.jpgOur 2 metre Blec Sandmaster relieves compaction and creates drainage channels which it fills with sand in one pass with minimal surface disturbance. It creates grooves at 26cm spacings, 150- 200mm deep and 20mm wide. It is ideal for linking up and rejuvanating secondary drainage schemes.

Dakota and Blec Laser Graders

Woodward-Turf-Care-Sports-Pitch-Construction-Laser-Grading.jpgWe have both Blec and Dakota Laser Graders both fitted with ripping tines. Our 2.4m Dakota grader is fitted with Trimble LR50 recievers and uses a Trimble GL722 laser for dual grade laser grading. Our 1.8m Blec grader is ideal for laser grading smaller areas such as cricket wickets.

Tractor and Driver Hire

woodward-turfcare-tractor-driver-hire-TS100a.jpgWe offer a range of tractors for hire with skilled, experienced operators.
Range: From 40hp - through - 100hp.
All Tractors have Turf tyres.
All Tractors have Creep gearboxes.

Digger and Driver Hire

We offer a Digger & Driver Hire Service using highly skilled and experienced operators who are CITB trained. We have a range of excavators from 1.5t – 6t in size.